Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Walnut Semya Paayasam

This was an instant reaction on seeing the Bambino Vermicelli packet sitting on top of my refrigerator:-)

I just followed the recipe on the pack, which is as follows:

Fry about 180 gms of Vermicelli in Ghee until it turns golden brown. Then fry cashewnuts in ghee as well to be used later on. As the title says, instead of cashews, I used dry Walnuts, did not fry it.

Now, in a separate pan, boil about 1 litre milk and mix with the fried Vermicelli for 2 minutes. Finally add Saffron, Sugar, Cardamom, Dry Walnuts (Cashews) & Raisins.

Paayasam ready:-)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chicken Shawarma at Home

Its almost 1 year since we posted here.

I thought of doing a comeback by posting one of my favorite Lebanese/Greek dish Chicken Shawarma, which is of course an exact replica from the website "The".

I hope this healthy Chicken Shawarma will entertain your taste buds:-)

I hope to have more recipe try-outs coming up for the next couple of is my daily bread these days............apart from skyping in the evenings with my family in Kerala!!!!